This course is aimed at preparing students aspiring to get admitted to the Academy Of Sciences (AOS) or Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET). Students will review, acquire and practice competencies that are tested in the AOS, AET entrance examination in mathematics, verbal, science and writing areas, focusing on STEM Thinking Skills Assessment Test as well as the Writing test. This will be complemented by extensive real life-like full length practice tests to build up accuracy, speed and confidence.

Students will gain knowledge in the following areas and attain sufficient proficiency to solve related word problems and in applying language skills.

The curriculum is administered as follows:

  • Diagnostic Test: One full length, timed diagnostic test.
  • Teaching: Teaching sessions focusing on various subject matters, with extensive take home  teaching material provided for study and reference. Quizzes and homework assigned to ensure understanding, practice, and retention.
  • Test taking strategies: Teaching sessions with examples, on test taking strategies and pointers for accuracy, speed and review.
  • Full length practice tests:  Full length, timed practice tests, along with in-class review and answers work-out of each test.  Scores, answers and explanations provided.
  • Homework: Targeted homework on specific areas, including verbal, logic, math, science, STEM Thinking, and essay writing,  including several full length test papers administered as homework. Scores, answers and explanations provided.


Arithmetic: Percentages, fractions, ratios, proportion, primes, exponents, roots, rates, time and distance, sets, subsets, Venn diagrams, and statistical measures.

Algebra: Operations with polynomials, factoring algebraic expressions, multi-variable , linear, absolute value, quadratic equations and solutions, and algebraic inequalities.

Geometry: Properties of complex shapes and structures including angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and solids.  Line graphs, slope, statistical data interpretation of tables, charts and graphs.

Probability: Probability and outcome of experiments, Conditional probability, permutations and combinations, unions and intersections.


Vocabulary: Completing sentences using complex vocabulary words.

Improving Sentences: Rewriting sentences with correct usage of words and grammar.

Improving Paragraphs: Logical Ordering of Sentences.  Reordering Scrambled sentences in a paragraph.

Identifying Errors: Identifying errors in usage of words and grammar in any part of a given sentence.

Reading comprehension: Critical reading skills to understand and answer questions concerning main idea, purpose, tone facts and opinions in short and long paragraphs, including comparing and contrasting paired paragraphs.

Essay Writing: Well structured and well reasoned expression of an idea in a full length essay.


Students will acquire, practice and review competencies that are required to perform well in the Academy of Sciences (AOS) entrance test. To the extent there are a feaw areas of similarities, the competencies acquired will serve students well in related TJHSST entrance test. Students’ scores in the tests are used in the AOS selection process as one of the key criteria for acceptance into the magnet school. Given the degree and nature of the competition, often among the best and brightest aspirants in the region, students who learn the subject matter, familiarize themselves with and practice the question types extensively for speed and accurancy in timed tests, and acquire good test taking strategies would significantly strengthen their chances by positioning themselves well for much improved performance in the placement test.