The 7th Grade course is aimed at preparing students aspiring to excel in academics through advanced learning, review and practice of mathematics, verbal, writing and grammar skills necessary for 7th grade. The class meets once a week for 2.5 hours on every scheduled weekend. All course work will be complemented by quizzes, homework assignments and periodic tests.

Students will attain sufficient proficiency to solve related word problems and in applying language skills. SOL Prep is part and parcel of the curriculum.

Below is a high level course content for Mathematics, Verbal, Grammar & Writing.


Arithmetic: Percentages, sets, subsets, discounts, mark-ups, simple and compound interest, sequences and infinite series.

Algebra: Multi-variable linear and quadratic equations and solutions.

Geometry: Pythagorean theorem, complex shapes and structures, surface area and volume, rotation and congruence of geometric object.

Statistics and probability: Data frequency tabulation and interpretation, statistical measures, probability and outcome of experiments, permutations, combinations, sets, and venn diagrams.


Vocabulary: Meaning and use of new words, origins and associations, sentence completions and corrections.

Reading comprehension: Understanding meaning, purpose, conclusion, tone and style of full length essays.

Writing & Grammar: Well structured and grammatically correct expression of an idea in a full length essay.

Logical Reasoning: Logical structuring, inferences, multiple concurrent constraints, ordered and overlapping sets.

Logical Ordering of Sentences: Filling in missing sentences and paragraph unscrambling


This course integrates the foundational requirements of the gifted program magnet schools entrance test such as TJ and AOS. Students will acquire all the required target skills and practice.

In this course, our students will also be prepared to compete well in challenging academic events like AMC-8 and VA Math League.

Students will acquire methods and techniques which will help them learn, retain, and apply the knowledge, positioning them to perform better at school.