This course is aimed at preparing the students with focused instruction in the techniques of speed reading. The program is to provide students with skills required now and not wait until they are in college or working when they have information overload. The objective is for students to show marked improvement in reading comprehension tests as they have more time to understand questions and content.

The human brain is designed to process information quickly. Slow readers, (250 words per minute or less), not only are not taking advantage of their brain’s potential, they are allowing their brain to “idle” and wander. Speed reading techniques improve memory and make reading more enjoyable; they also increase comprehension as the brain focuses 100% on the task at hand. Speed reading skills become imbedded and remain with us for life. Basic reading skills are acquired in grades 1 through 3 and then it stops. Why use 3rd grade reading skills throughout your life?

Current “average” readers can double or triple their reading speed, improve memory and comprehension in just a few sessions. Although results vary among students, some students have been observed to have doubled reading speed in just a few hours of instruction and practice.

Diagnostic Testing is conducted during the first two sessions to establish a baseline and demonstrate the techniques and advantages of speed reading. As students learn new techniques, testing continues. Exercises and reading content are constantly varied to strengthen skills and improve a student’s knowledge base. Internationally recognized techniques are used throughout the program.

This is a 2 month program, meeting every week for 8 weeks, each session lasting 1 ½ hours.