Study Concepts offers academic counseling to Middle School and High School students.

We provide counseling to Middle School students in the following areas:
Opportunities available in Math, Science and Academic competitions outside of the classroom
Choosing electives
How to prepare for High school
Guidance in the TJ/AOS-AET application process and test preparation

For High School students, we offer a wide range of counseling services that are individually tailored to each student’s needs covering the following areas:
Selecting electives and formulating a comprehensive 4-year high school course schedule
Summer internships and guidance through the application process
Direction on extracurricular activities to build up overall profiles

Guidance through the college application process:
Evaluating and selecting colleges based on individual interests and appropriate fit
Assisting with college and scholarship applications
Planning for college entrance exams (SAT)
Preparation for college admissions interviews


We advise parents and students on the time line involved in the selection process of the Gifted and Talented programs of the surrounding counties. We provide suggestions on what needs to be done at the appropriate time in order to target successful placement. Suggestions to parents include how to motivate, challenge and channel your child’s energies in the correct direction, how to prepare and practice for the exam and the advantageous for being in the program.


Our TJ/AOS-AET Profile Building counseling advises students and parents on what is needed to build a good profile. Since every student is different, we take individual questions/concerns in to consideration and address them. Although the entrance exam is a crucial part of selection, the student profile carries a huge weight as well. Tips and suggestions we provide based on our expertise will help lead to successful results.


We advise High School students and help them in their selection of electives and with formulating a comprehensive 4-year high school course schedule. We guide them in their search for summer internships. We help students in their college application process assisting them with the evaluation and selection of colleges based on individual interests, help with scholarship applications and with SAT examination preparation.