The foundation of our educational platform is based on the belief that, like exercise for the body, stretching the mind accelerates learning and bridges the gap between memory and understanding. The founders of Study Concepts, Inc. have brought to our programs of study the same developmental techniques which resulted in their children excelling in academics and thriving in extremely desirable and challenging careers.

While we do teach test taking techniques, we emphasize the importance of learning skills and knowledge that are useful beyond the tests and test results. We measure success by excellence in and outside of school with high standards of achievement. For example: superior communication is a common thread throughout our courses regardless of subject matter, whether spoken or written. Yet another enhancement is our emphasis on speed reading, which bolsters learning as it makes the knowledge acquisition process more enjoyable, optimal, and efficient.

While we teach team building skills which are required as children mature, every student is an individual to us; we strive to ensure that students not only stand out among their peers, but that they also develop the potential to stand out in the future. We stimulate and encourage intellectual curiosity — as we find it critical that we not only strengthen children’s book learning, but also light the fire of educational passion in their young hearts.

Graduates of our programs, like the Founder’s children, are proving our strategy works. While we work with diversified core materials, we adapt these materials to challenge every student and recognize that while we are a community, we are a community of individuals. We are able to achieve this because we value the priorities of parents along with the needs of the students. Study Concepts, Inc. is dedicated to going beyond the numbers, by defining success as a student’s ability to apply what they have learned. Our interest is not simply to graduate students with A’s, but to ensure those A’s mean more than robotically progressing from one grade to the next. Our success is dependent on our students’ success not just today but in the years to come as well.